Saturday, February 15, 2020

Choosing the Right Car Insurance for You

When purchasing a car, it is mandatory to have your car insured here in the Philippines. It is for the car owner’s own protection and financial security.

At one time, I was really thinking if a car insurance is really worth it. My husband is a careful driver and I thought an insurance is not needed. But one time as we were driving along Sucat road, Paranaque, all of a sudden a flying chunk of metal came flying towards our windshield! Luckily, there was no crack on the windshield, just a minor scratch so there were no repairs needed. Even if it  just caused a scratch, it’s still clear to me that having an insurance is clearly needed by every motorist for protection because we don’t know what might happen while you’re on the road. 

So how do you choose the best car insurance in the Philippines?  It might take a while for you to decide which one, so let us narrow it down to what car insurance that you need. Initially, when you buy a car, the car manufacturer would already recommend their preferred car insurance,  but in the end, it is still the car owner’s decision whether to take it or choose a different insurance provider.   

Research According to Your Needs

The number one factor that easily sorts out the list is the price. How much is your budget for the insurance? My sister, for example, was willing to pay P30,000 annually for it so she got a comprehensive car insurance. Expensive, yes, but she tells me she can afford it and she can be on the road without worries, which means all her needs are met by her insurance provider when it comes to road safety. 

Choose the Stable Insurance Company

It is second nature to us to trust a company that has been around over the years. Even my parents would recommend a financially strong company to invest on even if they cost slightly higher than the others. They say these companies usually cost higher for a good reason and generally it’s for security, convenience, and for your own peace of mind.

Ask for Your Friends’ Recommendations

If you don’t have any relatives who owns a motor vehicle, you can ask your friends or office mates which car insurance they can recommend. You can surely get honest feedback from them. Just make sure they’re not agents or someone who works in an insurance firm because there’s a chance that their opinion might be subjective.

Choose The One That’s Easy To Talk To 

This is one of the things that my sister told me when choosing a car insurance and that is the company or their representative should be easy to talk to. While you’re inquiring about the insurance, you can ask anything you want (and you should) such as if I got an accident, will you cover this and that? You can also list down your questions to make it easier. This is also one of the reasons why she chose her current car insurance provider.

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