Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Carina Advisors Helps Make Debt Payment Easier

Do you have multiple credit cards that you have to pay monthly? Carina Advisors can make debt payment easier. 

Being in debt or even owing money to someone is inevitable, even back in our elementary days, I admit that I myself have borrowed money to one of my classmates and then of course, I pay them back as soon as I got my milk money or my school allowance. As we grow older, this process has become more complicated because our needs have become more sophisticated and complicated.  

I remember when I got my first job in 2004.  I was so eager to have my own credit card because I used to have this crazy mentality that having my own credit card means I’m officially a grown-up which actually means I am free to  buy or eat whatever I want and whenever I want. Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) was the very first bank that gave me my first credit card probably because they also handle our payroll account. Knowing that I can buy anything with a certain credit amount limit of course, it’s like having a sense of power over things. I was not afraid to go inside fancy restaurants nor shop in signature clothing because I know my credit card can pay for it instantly.

After a few years, one credit card led to another because other banks kept sending me mails of card applications so I thought, “Well, maybe I should keep one for emergencies.” So then, I had 2 credit cards from BPI and from Diners Club International. I was really amazed at first to have Diners Club because I remember my dad owning one.

So after a few months, I began to feel the burden of having 2 credit cards. At first, having P4,000 debt in one card is no problem so I thought. Then having another P4,000 debt in my DCI card, I thought it’s still manageable as long as I pay the minimum fees of both. After a year, I’ve noticed my debt is slowly decreasing, but I thought to myself “isn’t a year too long for me to settle these debts?” It’s like I’m earning money, but one-eighth of my salary just goes to paying debts that seems to never end.

I had no plans of getting another card, but another bank has sent me another credit card in the mail for me to use. The mail said just simply call a certain number to activate it. Thinking back, I guess I was really a nut when it comes to credit cards because I just couldn’t resist it. So now I ended up having three credit cards.

Paying the minimum of each credit cards is not easy. Imagine going to three different banks at that time to pay for it? Now, thankfully there are apps for these banks where you can just pay online, but paying to three different banks is still a bit of a hassle. So I know the burden of having multiple cards and then paying for them. It’s quite difficult.

Carina Advisors  understand this and they prioritize what clients need by offering a single monthly payment with low-interest rates. Imagine the convenience it will give you that by simply paying a single payment every month with low-interest rate, you can settle all your debts? Sounds pretty cool, right? If I’d known about them back then, I’d definitely give it a shot just for the convenience of it.

So remember, if you don't really need a credit card, don't get one. But if you really need it, try to get only one card that you trust. But if you currently have more than one card, then don't fret because Carina Advisors is available to tend to your financial needs. 

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