Thursday, March 5, 2020

Cosmolle Shapewear Helps Women Bring Out the Beauty of Their Shape

Plus size women like me have challenges when it comes to clothing. Sometimes, we wear certain clothing that we like, but our body shape turns out different when we look in the mirror.  Sometimes our bulges come out or a part of our “love handles” come out when the pants are a bit fit, and other similar things.  That’s why most of the time we end up choosing a different outfit that brings out our figure.

We don’t have to suffer from unwanted shapes anymore thanks to latest fashion inventions from Cosmolle shapewear!

Cosmolle shapeware provides one of the biggest trends in fashion for people nowadays and that is the seamless shapewear for women. These shapewear is a body-contouring shapewear piece that lift, smooth and sculpt which brings out the natural and unique curves of a woman, and at the same time hiding the unwanted curves.  They're seamless, breathable, soft and high-waisted. This line carries the perfect pieces to layer under your favorite outfits, from that little black dress you saved for the weekend to your casual day out with a T-shirt and jeans.

One of my favorite seamless shapewear is this one:

Comfort Mid-control 4024 Bodysuit Fajas

According to its description, it has the following:
  • Level 3 medium compression
  • High elasticity and breath freely
  • Butt compression shapewear
  • Invisible under any kind of clothes
I like the idea that the material used is very light and you can breath freely, but at the same time feeling confident that your beautiful curves are highlighted. I also like the color black which gives it a sexy look. I can actually use it while wearing a shirt and leggings/pants. 

If you’re looking for best shapewear shorts, try the seamless mid thigh shorts, and if you’re looking for extra contouring, look no further than the butt lift shaper shorts. It has seven targeted compression zones,  it’s smoothing and shaping in all the right places. Soft enough to wear all day, firm enough to tuck your tummy, waist, and back, and comfy enough to forget you have them on.

This is one of my favorite seamless mid thigh shorts:

Powernet 5027 Firm Sculptwear Shorts

It has the following description:
  • Level 3 medium compression
  • 3D cutting technology
  • Lace edge at the leg
  • 4 Steel bones and high waist design
  • Flatten your abdomen, accelerate metabolism
I love the color grey for the shorts because it looks comfortable and casual. Its best feature is that it enhances the shape of your buttocks and flattens your abdomen at the same time. I can't be sure about accelerating the metabolism, but it's worth to try. 

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