Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Home Improvement : How To Tint Your Windows

Have you ever thought of putting tints to your windows? Thanks to quarantine period, I had a lot of time to think and reflect on how to improve our bedroom. Our bedroom is situated at the side of the house where the sun sets daily so it's really hot during the afternoons. Even if our air conditioning is on, the heat of the sun's rays still goes through the windows even with blinds or curtains. Since my husband works in the same bedroom and my children will be having their distance learning inside their rooms, I thought of a way to somehow block or lessen the sunlight without actually blocking the beautiful view of the trees outside and that is by putting window tints. 

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Bio-Fit Plus: The Complete Multivitamins

Vitamins are essential nowadays especially now that there's a pandemic. We have to strengthen our immune system by eating nutritious foods, exercise, and good amount of sunlight. But because of the pandemic, my kids cannot get outside and since both of my kids are picky eaters, they lack the vitamins they need from what they eat so they really need food supplements to "supplement" them with their nutrition requirements. 

My kids used to take two vitamins separate vitamin syrups; one for ascorbic acid and zinc, and the other is for vitamin B, iron, and other vitamin essentials. It's actually a bit expensive buying separate bottles. But thanks to Bio-Fit Plus food supplement syrup, I don't need to buy separate bottles of vitamins anymore because Bio-Fit Plus is already complete with Vitamins A, C, B Vitamins, D, E, Lysine, Taurine, and Chlorella among others. Just one teaspoon of this baby and my kid is good to go. 

Cold Season

True Story: My two kids suffered from colds last week. There are no recommended cure for colds, but rest and lots of fluids. But our pediatrician said to continue their vitamins even when they're sick so I was lucky because the time we got our Bio-Fit vitamins was their first day of having a cold. I simply followed the one-teaspoon-per-day instruction for my kids.

I'm not sure if it's because of the vitamins or not, but even if they had colds, they never skipped a meal. Normally when they have colds, even me,  they usually skip meals because they don't have the appetite, so I'm quite thankful that they still ate their food on time. I guess that's why on the 3rd day, I noticed significant improvement to their health; their noses weren't clogged anymore and their colds didn't turn into coughs. I'm not saying the vitamins did it because I have no direct proof that it did, but I'm just glad they didn't have coughs from their colds.    

When is Best Time To Take Vitamins

While I was doing some window shopping inside Mercury Drug, a saleslady was there promoting some vitamins. I forgot what vitamins that was, but I remembered one thing that she said to me. She said that vitamins are more effective when kids drink them before they sleep. I was quite confused because usually in commercials or TV shows, we see kids drinking vitamins after eating their breakfast or lunch. So I did a little research to confirm this. 

From an article in Washington Post, according to Jeffrey Blumberg, a professor of nutrition science and policy at Tufts University in Boston, he suggests taking your dietary supplements at night isn’t advisable. “Digestion slows down during sleep, so taking your nutrient supplement late at night would not be associated with an efficient absorption.”

So given that there are multiple sources saying vitamins are best to take during daytime and/or night time, it's best to ask your pediatrician when is the best time to take your children's vitamins. Just out of curiosity, the kids take them during night time, but I make sure that their tummies are full before taking the vitamins. I heard no complains whether they feel any discomfort or pain. Sleeping time was not a problem also because they easily fall asleep when it's bedtime. 

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