Monday, August 10, 2020

Nachos with Corned Beef: Dish Inspired By a Nancy Drew Mystery Game (Plus a Game Code Giveaway)

COVID-19 pandemic has really made us all home bound, but for good reasons. Staying at home helps stop the virus from spreading so it's the least we can do as good citizens. Staying at home for a long time does make life mentally challenging, though, but don't let it stop you from stimulating your mind! 

Do you remember Nancy Drew? Yup, the popular mystery series that everyone in my school was talking about back in the 90s! I actually lost touch about its development when I reached college. Now, I'm surprised and excited to know that Nancy Drew has actually evolved into mystery PC games! You can now enjoy and experience what's it like for Nancy to solve mysteries. 

Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill Remastered

Nancy Drew mystery games has already released plenty of titles and one game that caught my eye is "Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill." Certain scenes from the game just gives me that "high school feels" and makes me reminisce some good memories: 

Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill - Library

I really love eating in diners even until now. Probably after the pandemic is done, I'd definitely eat in one. Here's another screen capture from the game that I really love: 

Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill - Diner

Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill inspired me to do a simple dish that my family (especially the boys) love and that's nachos! When teenagers hang out in diners, aside from burgers, they'd definitely order nachos. It's just the perfect snack for all. It's actually in the game's diner's menu under Appetizers: 

Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill - Diner Menu
The dish I made is not creamy corn nachos as listed in the menu, but instead, I made nachos with corned beef! We usually use ground beef partnered with the nachos, but I don't have any in stock and I can't leave the house to buy some because of quarantine so I searched the pantry and saw some corned beef in can. I thought, "Yeah, I guess that would work." So today is the day I've decided to unlock one of the mysteries in life and that is does nachos and corned beef go well together -  because it will be the first time we'll be trying it. 

Nancy Drew Cook Off! Nachos with corned beef
Nachos with corned beef.
Ingredients: ready-to-eat nachos, cooked corned beef, sliced green chili pepper, and cheese sauce. 

The answer: Yes! Corned beef and nachos go well together! My husband ate more than half of the plate even if I specifically said that we share! *sigh* Well, on the bright side, it's really like back in the early school days when we just ate what's available and learning to love it.  

I usually don't experiment with dishes, but thanks to Nancy Drew's mystery stories, I realized figuring out answers on my own could really help me grow as a person regardless of age. 

Contest/Giveaway Time!

Do you like to cook and experiment with ingredients? HeR Interactive is running a “Nancy Drew® Games Summer Cookoff” cooking contest with fun prizes! Check out the HeR Interactive contest page for more details: 

You can also get the Nancy Drew : Secrets Can Kill game in their website:

Also, get a chance to win a game code by just commenting on this post about my dish - comments/suggestions are welcome! 


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