Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Help Save The Environment - The Best Uses For Sustainable Mylar Bags

When looking for ways to package food and other perishable items, mylar bags offer a sustainable, effective alternative for long-term storage. For business owners, mylar can be used to give food or medicinal products a professional, customized appearance while still preserving the freshness and safely securing the contents. While laminated roll stock or similar options may be a suitable option for businesses that already have the necessary equipment to create pouches and other packaging solutions, custom-made mylar bags are designed to be ready to fill and distribute.

Mylar packagingWhat Is Mylar?

Mylar is a popular brand of a special type of stretched polyester film called biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate. This material has the appearance of metal and is the same material used to make space blankets, helium-filled balloons, kites, and many medical devices. This material is very thin and lightweight but also durable. It serves as a strong barrier against gas, odor, chemicals, light, and moisture, helping preserve items for longer.

Are Mylar Bags Sustainable?

Why mylar may not have the best reputation for being eco-friendly as it traditionally cannot be recycled since it is a combination of plastic coated with metal, inventive, environmentally conscious companies have found ways to make custom mylar bags more sustainable. For example, some companies commit to using recyclable films or incorporating post-consumer recycled films that can be dropped off at participating stores. Making materials compostable can also lessen the environmental impact of packaging materials by allowing the material to fully break down and return to the earth if it does end up in a landfill.

What Are Popular Uses for Mylar Bags?

By far, the most common use of mylar bags is food storage. There is even a popular market among survivalists and preppers for long-term home food preservation as mylar has the ability to keep food fresh for long periods of time, especially when storing freeze-dried items or adding in oxygen absorbers. When used in this way, most people will then place the mylar bags in a plastic container as an added protection against pests.

For commercial use, stand-up pouches are an airtight packaging solution that looks appealing to customers and is easy to transport and sell on the shelf. With mylar, distributors, vendors, and customers can all feel confident that the product will stay fresh and ready to eat until it makes its way into the customer’s hands. Food items often stored in mylar bags include chips, crackers, nut mixes, freeze-dried fruit, cookies, and other snack items.

For non-food items, child proof mylar bags are the most secure choice for supplements or medicinal products that need to be kept away from children and pets. By adhering to the requirements described in the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, special zippers and films make it more difficult for young kids to open and consume products in this packaging type. Additionally, the smell of any odorous contents is trapped inside mylar packaging.

How Can You Use Mylar for Your Company?

If you are looking for a sustainable way to pack and preserve perishable items for sale, consider making the switch to mylar. By partnering with an experienced packaging company, you can keep your food fresh for longer with your custom design.

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