Friday, August 28, 2020

What You Need To Carry on a Long Bicycle Ride

What You Need To Carry on a Long Bicycle Ride

A long bicycle ride is an excellent way to get a workout, explore the countryside and make memories. Whether you’re gearing up for your first long road trip or taking on another thrilling adventure, find out what you need to carry. Gear up and look for electric bicycles for sale for a unique way to adventure on two wheels.

Repair Kit

A repair kit is going to be your lifeline when things go wrong. Part of the adventure is overcoming the unexpected. On a long bicycle trip, you should plan on a few tires going flat, sudden rain showers and other bumps in the road.

A good repair kit comes with a multi-tool, spare inner tube, patch kit, mini pump and other items. If you have an electric bike, be sure to get a repair kit that matches your ride. Having the wrong kit for your bike won’t help you in an emergency, so check that the inner tube and other parts are compatible with your specific ride. Keep your kit small, but stocked enough to handle most crises with ease.

Cash and Card

You can’t carry everything you need for a long trip, so some cash and a credit or ATM card will help you pad out your kit. Whether you’re running out of food or need a second replacement inner tube, cash is your friend. Consider investing in hybrid bikes for a sturdy option to eat up miles and get to your destination with less food and camping gear necessary.

If the worst happens and your bike is severely damaged, you may need a card to pick up a new bike or purchase major mechanical replacement parts. Don’t let a major failure stop you from making it to your destination. As long as you aren’t injured, cash or a card can help you pick up the parts you need to hit the road or trail again.

Food and Water

Whether your idea of a long trip is a few hours or a few weeks, it’s essential to pack plenty of food and water. Throw in some sports drinks and meal replacement bars for some extra electrolytes and calories to push up that last hill.

Food and water need to be balanced with weight restrictions. For a multi-day trip, you can’t carry all the food and water you’ll need for the entire trip. In these situations, you’ll need to plan out stops for more water and sustenance. Carry enough to make it to the next pit stop and a little extra in case of an emergency.

The Right Bike

The right bike can make the difference between a rough ride and an unforgettable experience. Shop for electric and hybrid bikes for men and women to make the most of your next long trip. These handy bikes allow you to push up hills and cruise down straightaways. Cut a few hours or even days off your long trip with a high-quality electric bike. Create your own adventures on two wheels by cruising down a popular trail or making a new route through your local area.

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