Sunday, October 18, 2020

We Bought General's Lechon for My Sister's Birthday

I am not personally a fan of lechon or roasted pork because the last time I tasted lechon was back when I was a kid and I remember it tasted bland and the skin was a bit elastic like rubber which was also tasteless. Ever since then, it has been clueless to me why Filipinos love lechon for special occasions. 

Yesterday was my sister's 41st birthday and she wanted to have lechon to celebrate the occasion. Luckily, another sister of ours is generous enough to sponsor the lechon because we've been talking about having one in our home for 5 years now. Lechon is very expensive so it takes thorough budget planning if you really want to have one. 

Out of all the lechon stores around, we decided to buy General's Lechon out of curiosity. This will be the first time we'll try their lechon so we're a bit nervous and excited at the same time. I've also read in an article that they reached number 1 in 2017's top lechon stores in the metro so that really influenced our decision. 

General's Lechon 2020 Menu
General's Lechon 2020 Menu

Our first choice was to buy the small lechon, but unfortunately it wasn't available when we called. So the next available size is the Medium size that says it's good for 30-45 pax and it's worth Php 8,200. After much thought, we bought it plus adding Php 500 for the garlic flavor. We had to pay through bank deposit upon ordering to secure the order. 

So my sister's birthday came and we were waiting for the lechon to arrive. Since General's Lechon store in Paranaque don't deliver, we had to hire Grab to pick it up for us and have it delivered, which was a bit of a hassle for us. 

The Lechon Has Arrived

It's 6:30PM and the lechon arrived! This signals the start of the birthday dinner. We have to admit, having lechon in our dinner table really adds up the excitement and visual appeal of the food overall. 

Medium-sized lechon arrives from General's Lechon via Grab. No box included, just foil and bamboo. We felt sorry for the Grab car driver because we believe the scent of the lechon stayed in the car for a while. 

Lechon party
Lechon + Other food.
We provided the banana leaf under the lechon for presentation. 

The aftermath


As for crispiness of the skin : 5 stars.  Even if not all parts of the lechon have crispy skin because some parts have softened already, majority of it was really crispy and tasty. The crispiness was just right and it doesn't stick to the teeth. We really loved it. My mom even approved it and she's from Bohol. Boholanos are very critical of a lechon's quality and taste for your information. 

Flavor: 5 stars. Since we ordered garlic-flavored lechon, the flavor really stuck to the skin and meat. I personally enjoyed it and it was actually the first time I really enjoyed eating a lechon because of its flavor. I ate it without sauce because it's really tasty and it's not oily. No wonder it reached top 1 as the best lechon in the Metro. The store also said that the garlic flavor is their best-seller so now we know why. 

* Atchara is also a good partner for lechon and luckily my mom was able to make one. 

Was it really good for 30-45 people? 

This is the question we've discussed last night as we were eating the lechon. There were only 7 of us who ate the lechon and this is the aftermath, so we really doubt if it fits 30-45 people. So the only way it can fit up to 45 people is that if one person is to receive only a pinch of the meat and skin. 


Now I am convinced why Filipinos love lechon thanks to General's Lechon. Though their lechon was not too appealing at first glance, it's the taste and quality that counts and they did a very good job with it. 

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