Casa Elmira Caramel Cake Review

We finally found a delicious caramel cake here in the south! I was looking for some caramel cakes online and I discovered Casa Elmira's Facebook page where they're selling caramel cakes as their specialty cakes. The designs were beautiful and captivating so we were convinced to try it out. 

We bought the 7x10 caramel cake for my mom's 64th birthday. She wanted to order from Estrel's, but since it's too far and their ordering system is a bit difficult due to the pandemic, we decided to try Casa Elmira because it's near our residence. I simply ordered in advance through their Facebook page and paid online through Gcash because I really prefer a cashless transaction. My sister picked it up in their store in BF Homes, Paranaque on my mom's birthday. 

Casa Elmira's Caramel Cake Birthday Cake
Casa Elmira's Caramel Cake 7x10 inches

The design of the cake simply did not disappoint! The cake we ordered looks very beautiful for its pink flowery design. The flowers were made out of special buttercream icing that's surprisingly not too sweet to the palate. I actually chose this design because my mom loves pink flowers. The number candles and the "Happy Birthday Mom" sign were ordered online from Shopee. Casa Elmira also offers different kinds of cake designs that can be viewed from their Facebook page. 

Is It Delicious? 

Not only does it look good, but it tastes good, too! Its caramel is not too sweet and the sponge is really soft and kind of melts in your mouth. Now I know why titas and titos love it. My mom liked it, too, which mattered the most. 

Note: The flowers taste better when they're not refrigerated for some reason. 

Casa Elmira's Caramel Cake
Caramel Cake slice

The price is a bit more expensive than other commercialized cakes, but it's really worth the price if the occasion is special. We will probably order another one, maybe even the plain ones during the holidays. 

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