Helping Stray Cats and Dogs: Groups You Can Contact If You Want to Help

My Facebook account is connected with people who loves animals, more often with domestic animals like dogs and cats. I get to see funny animal videos and pictures that people share which makes me smile. On the other hand, I also see animals being abused or neglected by owners. I can't help but cringe to the thought of people neglecting their pets. I also feel helpless because the location of the reported animal is too far or worse, the location is not reported - someone just posted a picture. 

But there are groups or individuals who really have a kind heart and really does take action once abused animals are reported. I don't know these individuals personally, but they are active in social media and they do need your help:

1. Animal Rescue PH 

Animal Rescue Ph is probably one of the most unbiased animal rescue team that helps any stray cats and dogs in need in Metro Manila. Husband and wife founders, Luzviminda Morales and Ritchelle Quito, currently have a lot of rescued cats living in their own modest household and they even rescued a lot of abandoned/neglected dogs as well. They're very active in social media continuously helping and supporting animals in need and also asking for support through their fund-raising activities by selling animal-themed merchandise. Their animal rescue story have already been featured in GMA 7's, Front Row

2. Animal Kingdom Foundation

Animal Kingdom Foundation has been one of my favorite animal groups because they have been very serious bringing down and catching dog meat traders in the Philippines. They have been helping animals for years and they continue to help even now more than ever because a lot of dogs have been affected by the super typhoon Rolly that wrecked houses and livelihood in some provinces in the Philippines just last week.  You may refer to the picture above if you want to send financial help to AKF or check out their Facebook page. 

3. Stray Love Ph

Stray Love Ph or Animal Welfare Aid is an organization I have came across in Facebook that also aims to rescue stray cats or dogs. They post a lot of disturbing animal pictures on Facebook to create awareness and those who would like to help so do take caution if you have a weak stomach. Once they  featured stray dogs caught by our local baranggay officials in Paranaque and are being mistreated. The dogs reportedly had suffered from hunger and were very congested in their cages. Through Stray Love PH's viral post, the local government took action immediately and reprimanded the baranggay officials responsible. Since then, I started to admire this group thus featuring them here in this post :) 

This is all, my dears. If you want to help stray cats and dogs, you may contact one of the organizations above to know how to help. If you want to add your organization here, just send me a message through the contact form on the upper right of this page. 

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the mentioned groups above.