Sunday, December 27, 2020

PROMO: Subway's 12 Subs of Christmas Discount Deal Now Available!

Subway Alabang

I was really stuffed with all the meat and pasta that was served last Noche Buena (Christmas eve dinner) and until now we're still serving the food leftovers from it. My stomach is somehow starting to have a hard time digesting all the pork, beef, and pasta I've been having. So I decided to eat something fresh and healthy today. I still have the Christmas blues so I'm lazy to cook and that's why when I learned about Subway's 12 Subs of Christmas Discount Deal, it's perfect for me!

About the 12 Subs of Christmas Discount Deal

It's been a tough year for everyone and Subway wants to thank its customers for their support even during the pandemic. So as a way of saying thank you, they released "Subway's 12 Subs of Christmas Discount Deal"! 12 Subs of Christmas aims to lift up the Christmas spirit through a 12-day promo discount deal. For 12 days starting December 16, 2020, until December 31, 2020, Subway will feature 12 different discounted sub deals. With 12 Subs of Christmas, Subway hopes to give everyone another more reason to be thankful for this year. The promo offers a whopping 40% OFF on your second 6-inch sandwich! I think that's something to be grateful for after all the price increase happening with meat and even veggies in the market. 

So off we go to the nearest Subway branch in Alabang, inside Sykes building (near Alabang Town Center). 

Subway sandwich making
Subway sandwich making
I really love watching them make my personal sandwich

I ordered 1 Subway Melt with drink and for the second sandwich which is 40% off is steak and cheese. 
For my drink, only Coke Zero was available so it's perfect. For the bread, I chose wheat bread because it's good for digestion. I really like their wheat bread because it's quite soft and delicious. As for the veggies, I let them choose for me what the bestsellers are because I'm not really good in veggie mix and match. We're still not comfortable dining in so we had our orders to go. 

My Orders

My orders - packed and ready to eat!

My Subway Melt and Steak & Cheese sandwiches! Yum! 

Gosh, it was so refreshing to eat something healthy and delicious after days of eating leftover foods! My husband ate the steak and cheese while I got the Subway Melt. We were surprised that the sandwiches were a bit spicy, but they were still delicious and surprisingly light on the tummy. I didn't get that heavy and uncomfortable feeling after eating it.  

Paid only P314 for the entire meal.

Subway and me. 

The 12 Subway Flavors

These are the 12 flavors of the subs available for the promo:
  1. Ham
  2. Subway Club
  3. Spicy Italian
  4. Sliced Chicken and Ham
  5. Italian B.M.T.
  6. Smoked Chicken
  7. Meatball Marinara
  8. Roasted Chicken
  9. Sliced Chicken
  10. Pulled Pork
  11. Subway Melt
  12. Steak and Cheese
  • Buy (1) 6-inch sub + 16-oz drink and get the 2nd 6-inch sub at 40% Off.
  • The 2nd sub at 40% off should either be of the same or lower value.
  • Available for TAKE-OUT and DINE-IN only.

Hurry and grab your Subway sandwiches now! Promo is only until December 31, 2020. 

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