Sunday, February 21, 2021

All About Shapewear

I believe despite the COVID-19 pandemic, women still need shape wears especially those who gave birth or simply those who want to enhance the shape of their body’s natural curves. I remember Bridget Jones’ shapewear from the movie, Bridget Jones’ Diary whenever shape wear was the topic of the conversation. Though shape wear is not new to me because my mom also uses it, I’m now just starting to appreciate its benefits to my body since I’m nearing my 40s.

Friday, February 5, 2021

4 Quick and Easy Exercises You Can Do In A Small Space

There’s no house too small to get your daily dose of exercise! You can even do simple exercises right in your own computer chair. Even a tiny nook in your kitchen or a small corner in your bedroom can be converted into your home gym. If you really want to start your fitness journey this 2021, there’s always a way to do it no matter how limited the space in your home!

Easy Exercises in a small space

Skip the gym membership and do your routines at home! Check out this list of quick and easy workouts you can do in a small space.

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Welcome to Room and Butler Lifestyle Hub!

Room and Butler Lifestyle Medicine and IV Therapy Skin Clinic has recently soft launched its lifestyle site- and YouTube channel, Room and Butler Lifestyle.

Room and Butler’s Lifestyle platform aims to provide the easiest way to consult online by providing articles about skin and body health, and also sit-down videos with Room and Butler’s Skin Professional Health Experts, where they discuss in depth learning about Functional and Integrative Medicine, Lifestyle choices and its effects in our body, recommended treatments for different lifestyle, and so much more! One of the clinic’s resident HEALTH EXPERT, Dr. Laurence Tan, has so far deep dived into the conversation about the famous IV Nutrition Therapy treatments and also about 2 of its most popular IV Cocktail Drips- which are Glutathione and Myers’ Cocktail. All these are already on the lifestyle site, and more will be uploaded soon, giving clients and viewers access to skin and body health consultation, trivia, and knowledge, as easy and understandable, as possible. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Room and Butler: Professional Skin Clinic for the Modern Man

Skin and body health goes hand in hand. How so? For one, skin is the body’s first layer of defense. It is also the biggest organ of a human. Ultimately, skin is the first to give us clues on the status of our body’s overall health. For example, we get a skin rash when we ate something that does not mix well with our stomach or our immune system. Convinced yet? In many ways than one, our skin is our body’s protection. According to NIH Dermatologist Dr. Heidi Kong, skin provides a barrier for our body against bacteria and different other environmental hazards which can be dangerous for human health.

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