4 Quick and Easy Exercises You Can Do In A Small Space

There’s no house too small to get your daily dose of exercise! You can even do simple exercises right in your own computer chair. Even a tiny nook in your kitchen or a small corner in your bedroom can be converted into your home gym. If you really want to start your fitness journey this 2021, there’s always a way to do it no matter how limited the space in your home!

Easy Exercises in a small space

Skip the gym membership and do your routines at home! Check out this list of quick and easy workouts you can do in a small space.

1. Start yoga 

Got enough room to lay down a yoga mat? Then, start your own yoga session at home! It’s a quick and easy workout even beginners can follow. It may not seem like an arduous exercise but it’s a great calorie burner and can be therapeutic too!

The best part is, there are plenty of online yoga sessions you can follow on YouTube and other streaming sites! Simply follow the routines on the video, and you’re all set!

2. Ab crunches

If you already have a yoga mat, then do ab crunches as well! It’s a great workout to build your core and get those six-pack abs. To perform this exercise, simply lay down on the floor with your knees slightly bent. Then, lift yourself back and forth in repetitive counts.

It doesn’t require much work, making a great workout while binge-watching Netflix or listening to your favorite audiobook.

3. Online Zumba

Exercises don’t always have to involve fancy equipment. All you need right now is YouTube! Some popular channels are Zumba Class and LiveLoveParty.Tv. The great news is, following them is easy! Simply follow the instructors and complete your exercise regimen.

No worries if you can’t move to every rhythm. The most important thing is you groove to the music and feel your heart pumping!

4. Jogging in place

Have no space to place a treadmill? You can still catch up on your cardio exercise by jogging in place! If you can, do a high-knee exercise too! It’s a fat-burning exercise that targets even the most notorious parts of your body including calves and hamstrings.

As it’s considered a hardcore workout, make sure to warm up first to avoid getting sore muscles afterward. To not get too tired, remember to pace yourself too. 

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