How to Save Money in your 40s


This crazy inflation has really affected most people, including myself. In the Philippines, it’s like having a salary of Php 20,000 is no longer enough to live comfortably even for one person. Also, saving money is really difficult nowadays especially if you have bills to pay. In my case, when I start saving, somehow I always end up spending it because of unexpected expenses. Right now, I have a work-at-home job and I’m earning just enough for food, rent, and transportation fees when my daughter and I commute to take her to school, which is just one tricycle ride away, plus I give allowance to my son who also commutes to school.  So long story short, it’s hard for me to save. 

So the question is, is it too late for people like me to save especially during these hard times? I looked at some interesting articles online that could help us give some insight. Here are some tips worth reading: 

1.) Finish paying off any debt. According to an article from, if you have high-interest debt, finish it off once and for all during your 40s. All it's doing is holding you back. Right now, that’s exactly what I plan to do – finish all my debts, especially from Shopee so I can start focusing on my savings goals.  

2.) Be honest. At first, I thought I can get rid of coffee so I can save some money. I know to myself that  I cannot work without coffee so I really need to set aside some bucks for it. Another example is face-to-face classes. Times were different when my kids were still having their online studies. I did not need to compute their allowance and transportation expenses. Now, since face-to-face classes have been implemented, I failed to compute these expenses beforehand. Knowing your real expenses can help you set realistic financial goals. 

3.) Learn a new skill. At my age, I am actually starting to feel like my current skills can be learned by fresh grad employees which makes me feel kind of depressed sometimes.  So this year, I plan to learn some new skills, but I’m still working on what particular skills they’ll be. 

4.) Avoid lifestyle inflation. Okay, this is new to me, but it’s also an eye-opener. While you can spend more on some goods like food, and drinks, and occasionally treat yourself to a family vacation, it's crucial to avoid letting prices get the better of you. Don't spend your entire budget on enhancing your lifestyle meaning if you know your salary is just enough, don’t spend money going to coffee shops and eating out every day when you know that you can’t financially sustain it. When you let your lifestyle inflate, your net gain is zero. So the bottom line is to maintain your simple lifestyle. 

5.) Start a retirement fund. Considering you still don't have a retirement fund, I believe it's never too late to get one since we still have 20 years (or less) before we retire in our 60s. Though the contributions are higher compared to individuals who are in their 20s, it’s never too late to get one. 

6.) Get a side gig. If you really think your current job can’t give you higher pay then it’s time to find another side gig or a part-time job to sustain your finances.  You can also start a small business if you have the extra money. Having a passive income is a necessity. 

There are still a lot of things we can do in our 40s. Some have started a business in their 40s or even in their 50s or 60s and became successful.  As for me, what I need right now is extra cash to sustain my expenses so I believe I’ll be looking for another side gig. What about you? Tell me in the comments below what your plans are or if you have suggestions.  

Try this Healthy Recipe for Noche Buena from The Goodwill Market


The holidays mean indulging in good food to celebrate traditions with family and friends. However, having too many rich foods may take a toll on your health. Serving healthy alternatives at your get-togethers can ensure that you are providing nutritious and delicious options that everyone can enjoy without missing out on the festivities.

Unli ang Saya this Christmas with J&T Express PH’s Huge Shipping Discount!

J & T Express

TAGUIG CITY – Leading e-commerce global delivery service J&T Express is giving away big discounts as an early Christmas gift to their customers nationwide. Get huge savings on shipping fees when you send your parcels via J&T Express this holiday season using its Unlisaya promo with a voucher discount, available on their mobile application.

Have an Excellent Holiday Season with Promos by Taiwan Excellence Products

 Don’t fret thinking about your Christmas gift for a loved one this Yuletide season anymore. Taiwan Excellence has got a complete range of excellent lifestyle products you can choose from for that all-important present you can give in this most important and joyous season.

Take Acer, for example. One of Taiwan’s best IT brands that completely took the world by storm, Acer makes unboxing during the holidays a truly exceptional experience for the whole family.

Just buy any participating Acer products and be ready to get a free Digital SM Gift Pass worth up to P8,000. Promo runs until December 31, 2022.

Shop Acer products now to get up to P8,000 worth of Digital SM Gift Pass


PCPPI Champions Quality Excellence Culture

Quality assurance and food safety are at the core of Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines, Inc.’s (PCPPI) operations. The organization recently reinforced its commitment to uphold excellence in line with PCPPI and PepsiCo’s observance of World Quality Month this November.

Does Your Son Have To Go Through Circumcision?

It's every parent's dilemma that once their son reached a certain age, it just feels necessary or people around them would put this pressure to have their son circumcised. I even began to question myself if my decision not to have my son circumcised as a baby was a wrong decision, but I had my reasons back then so it was pointless to dwell on it. There were reports that babies get herpes after they get circumcised among other risks, which is why I decided not to have him circumcised back then.

PCPPI wins Corporate Excellence Award at Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards


President and CEO Frederick D. Ong honored with Master Entrepreneur Award

Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines, Inc. (PCPPI) wins at APEA 2022. The photo shows PCPPI president and chief executive officer Frederick D. Ong proudly showing the company’s Corporate Excellence Award and his Master Entrepreneur Award from the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards 2022. The annual recognition program honors the region’s best in business performance towards sustainable growth.



Magnolia Chicken

Special salu-salo and need mo ba ng easy to whip up dish? Ihain na ang timplang bongga with Magnolia Chicken Timplados Ready-to-Cook Roasters Lemon Herb or Smoked Pepper Roast! Kahit anong occasion, swak na swak sya kasi no need to marinate. #Madalicious ihain each time na may craving for roast chicken ang pamilya. Plus, it’s a great food offering too sa mga upcoming get-togethers and handa this holiday season.



RP Blu Boys

After months of gruelling preparations, RP Blu Boys begin their quest for World Cup glory as they tackle powerhouse TEAM USA on November 26 at the Rosedale Park, Auckland, New Zealand.

Best Tummy Control Shapewear That Doesn't Roll Down

 There is nothing more annoying and irritating than having to adjust your clothing constantly. It does not matter how put together you look, or how sleek your outfit may look like but if you are constantly adjusting your outfit, it can ruin the aesthetic.

Rex Education Enhances Learning Resources in History and Social Sciences

Rex Education enhances learning resources in Philippine history and social sciences in partnership with PSSC, PNHS, and PHA

Signatories of the memorandum pose for a picture. From L-R: Miss Jeanne Marie F. Tordesillas, Chief Marketing Officer of Rex Education; Dr. Excelsa C. Tongson, Chairperson of Philippine Social Sciences Council; Don Timothy I. Buhain, Chief Executive Officer of Rex Education; Professor Emeritus Dr. Ma. Luisa T. Camagay, Representative from the Philippine Historical Association; Dr. Marcelino M. Macapinlac, Jr., Representative from the Philippine National Historical Society

Rex Education hosted a memorandum signing with the Philippine Social Science Council (PSSC), the Philippine National Historical Society (PNHS), and the Philippine Historical Association (PHA) on September 6, 2022, to seal a fellowship program centered on Philippine history.

Be the Best Gift Giver Ever for the Holidays with This One-Stop Shop

 With Avon, finding the perfect gifts this Holiday season has never been this easy!

Manila, Philippines – With Christmas lists growing longer every year, it’s easier to just buy one generic item in bulk and hope that everyone likes the same thing.

Discover Malabon’s Best of the Best

Malabon's Best of the Best

Malabon Food and Gift Expo 2022 Happens November 18 - 19

With Christmas just around the corner, the Philippine Chamber of Commerce & Industry Malabon (PCCI Malabon) is opening the city’s doors and inviting everyone to discover Malabon’s best of the best as it holds the first-ever Malabon Food and Gift Expo 2022. The event is in partnership with the Local Government of Malabon with the support of Honorable Mayor Jeannie Sandoval.

Rex Education Showcases Lifelong Learning Solutions at the 2022 CEAP National Convention


Rex Education
Don Timothy Buhain, chief executive officer (leftmost); Danda Crimelda Buhain, chief external affairs officer (3rd from the right); and Jeanne Marie Fontelera-Tordesillas, chief marketing officer (rightmost) with Rex Education staff at the 2022 CEAP Rex Education Hub

After two virtual events during the pandemic, the 2022 Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP) National Convention is back on ground with Rex Education and a strong delegation of educators, school heads, and superintendents from all over the country.

Balai Palmera Pursues Passion By Helping Other Businesses

 In 2019, during the height of the restriction caused by the pandemic, Chef Ryan Dimapilis, President of Balai Palmera Restaurant and Pasalubong Center, keeps himself busy by thinking of ways to keep his business afloat as well as his employees employed. “I’m a firm believer that we, Pinoys, are very resilient and at the same time supportive and loyal in many ways. This was strongly proven during the pandemic when many businesses turn online to sell their products. Most of our clients at first were mostly family and friends, which branched out and reached many more people who find our products worth a try,” he shared.

Winners Crowned at “Your Song of Excellence” Season 2 Singing Competition

 It was an extremely tough singing competition but after the dusk of the musical battle had settled, the Top 3 winners were announced at the conclusion of “Your Song of Excellence” Season 2 Grand Finals, which was streamed live on October 31, 2022.

Meralco Unit MPower Ramps up Support for K-12 education


As part of its Back-to-School Donation Drive, MPower and One Meralco Foundation turned over school supplies to the teachers from Lagundi Elementary School in Plaridel, Bulacan.
As part of its Back-to-School Donation Drive, MPower and One Meralco Foundation turned over school supplies to the teachers from Lagundi Elementary School in Plaridel, Bulacan.

MPower, the local retail electricity supplier of the Manila Electric Company (Meralco), and its partners have poured in over P8 million for various education programs that benefitted some 3,000 kindergarten students in 19 schools in Metro Manila and nearby provinces.

Globe Innovation Fest 2022: Showcasing Many Firsts That Make Every Day Better


Globe announced exciting offers and upcoming events at the Globe Innovation Fest, held for the first time on ground at The Globe Tower in BGC on Thursday, November 3, 2022.
Globe announced exciting offers and upcoming events at the Globe Innovation Fest, held for the first time on ground at The Globe Tower in BGC on Thursday, November 3, 2022.

Globe, the most reliable mobile network in the Philippines, continues to bring many firsts that help make every day better for every Filipino.

To showcase the different ways that Globe uplifts lives, the company brought together a series of exciting announcements and previews from its different businesses and partner brands through the Globe Innovation Fest (GIF) 2022.

7 Undas Essentials

 “Undas”, or what Filipinos collectively refer to the special days of All Saint’s Day (November 1) and All Souls Day (Nov 2) commemorating their loved ones and relatives who have passed away.

While Mexico celebrates the ‘Day of the Dead', the Philippines observe Undas by visiting the cemetery and offering prayers for the dead.

As a predominantly Catholic nation, Filipinos have a lot of culture and traditions that go with remembering deceased friends and family on this holiday.

Sambo Kojin Buffet Collab in SM Southmall

 Sambo Kojin
Sambo Kojin Buffet Collab with Dads, Saisaki, and Kamayan

It was my brother and sister's birthday celebration and they wanted to eat at a buffet. Sambo Kojin has been a popular buffet place even before the pandemic and since most of us haven't tried Sambo Kojin before, we thought it was the best time to try it. As I checked their Facebook page, they were also offering a buffet collaboration with Dads, Saisaki, and Kamayan meaning when you add P130 per person to your buffet price, you get access to more food variants from the mentioned restaurants. So we paid Php 988 per person which we thought was a good price for a buffet. 

Short Review of Balai Palmera's Buko Pie

 I've been eating buko pies since I was a kid because my relatives would always bring home buko pies as a pasalubong whenever they'd been out of town. I actually made a blog post one time about Loumars and Bag of Beans that my sister brought home years ago.  I was never a big fan of buko pies, but I would eat them when I see them. I actually find it hard to match with any drinks probably because of the heavy feeling that the coconut brings to my tummy. But still, I'd enjoy a slice, especially during merienda or snack time. 

Now, I've been given an opportunity to review a new buko pie in town, more specifically it's from the town of Silang, Cavite. The store's name is called Balai Palmera or Balai Palmera Restaurant and Pasalubong, and they were generous enough to let me try their new buko pie. 

The Buko Pie

Each slice is really filled with fresh, thick coconut slices with coco cream filling, and they're covered in a soft and semi-crunchy crust and flaky top. The store also claims that its buko pies stand out from the rest because of their creaminess. 

The Taste

It actually does taste like an extra creamy buko pie. I love the generous amount of coconut meat inside, but somehow the cream is overpowering the coconut flavor that I was looking for. So if you love a creamy treat, then this buko pie might win your heart. I was able to eat two slices in one sitting so I still liked it.  

 Where to Buy

Balai Palmera is located in Silang, Cavite. You may also reach them through their Facebook page for any inquiries. 

Jollibee Visits New York Times Square

Jollibee visits New York Times Square, the home of the world's largest billboard

As Jollibee continues to grow quickly in North America, larger-than-life Chickenjoy Buckets bring joy to the billboards in New York Times Square. Homegrown restaurant brand Jollibee joins other international businesses there.

Resolving Family Issues in the Best Possible Way

 Nobody was immune from the Covid-19 pandemic, whether they were in the Philippines or somewhere else in the world. No business, no matter how big or small, no tourist attraction, not even the tiny sari-sari shop, was immune to the fatal virus's vengeance.

Moreso families like the Ekselente family

The Ekselente family is your typical Filipino brood that struggled mightily during the pandemic. They own a resort, which is both their family home and prime source of income. Since they have no visitors because of the lockdowns and community quarantines, the family business is losing money for lack of income. Worse, the family is considering selling it to be able to survive.

Shapewear For Everyone

 Shapewears have been around since my mom was in her 20s and that’s probably because shapewears are proven to help women get the body shape that they want in an instant.

As for me, I’m already 40 years old and it’s been a long time since I tried shapewear. Upon checking online what shapewears are available for women along the same age range as mine, I’m glad to see that there are still plenty of variants available for shoppers and wholesale shapewear is still a good choice if you plan on spending less because of their cheap prices.

Wholesale High Waist Pant Shaper Full Length Potential Reduction

Ad Asia Events and Okada Manila Sealed a Partnership for the 6th World Travel Expo Manila 2022

L-R: Mr. Carlo Baldonido, Senior Manager for Destination Marketing & Partnership- Okada Manila; Ms. Miles Caballero, Managing Director - Ad Asia Events; Ms. Wendy Ni- VP of Strategic Marketing - Okada Manila ; Mr. Alvaro Ramos - AVP of Retail Okada Manila


5 Ways for Moms to Earn from Home

Do you want to stay at home with your kids but also earn an income? Are you looking for a way to make some extra cash? If so, then you're in luck momma! There are plenty of ways for you to earn from home. Here are five of the best options: 

Provide a Laundry Service

All you need is a washer, dryer, and iron to do this. No special skills are required! Perhaps the most obvious advantage of this is that it can provide a much-needed income. It can also be a very rewarding experience, as you get to help people in your community. Finally, it can be a great way to get some exercise!

Virtual assistantship

If you have experience working as an administrative assistant or executive assistant, you can find work as a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants perform a variety of tasks for their clients, from scheduling appointments to handling customer service inquiries.

Affiliate Marketing

There are lots of websites that are willing to pay you just by asking people to sign up. You can even earn $5 per referral on applications like Repocket - you will even have 10% lifetime commissions on all your referred users on this website.

Repocket is a website or app that will pay you for your unused internet. You can still earn from this app without referring this website to anybody, however, of course, we want to maximize the money we can earn from this app. This is compatible with all devices and all you have to do is run this app in the background.

How is your internet used?

Clients of Geonode's proxy services use your internet. Companies use your internet to monitor prices, search Google, monitor stock pricing, competitor research, using proxies for Youtube and similar activities.

Freelance writing

Moms with a knack for writing can find plenty of work as freelance writers. There are many websites and online publications that accept submissions from freelance writers, and pay rates can be quite good.

Start a blog

Blogging can be a great way for moms to earn an income from home. Once you build up a following, you can start selling advertising space on your blog, or promoting products and services as an affiliate.

These are just a few of the many ways that moms can earn an income from home. With a little creativity and effort, you can find the perfect opportunity to fit your needs and lifestyle while taking care of your family at home!

To Buy or Not To Buy a Car

There is probably a time in our lives, if we're lucky, that we ask ourselves this question especially when we have kids or when we're working with a steady company. Do you need to buy a car?  According to Bloomberg, buying a car online can feel like jumping off a cliff into a sea of sharks, which is very true especially if you know nothing about cars. 

Four Reasons Why You Should Use Coupons When Purchasing Online?



Coupons can be used for a number of reasons, including saving money. The main benefit is that they bring down prices, making even the most expensive products more affordable. These coupons are especially useful when purchasing online, where prices are often lower than in physical stores. You can often get free items just by waiting for a coupon to be given away. Here are three reasons why you should use coupons when purchasing online. All three are worth exploring.

Avon Pushes for Planet-Kind Beauty

Avon meant every stage of their approach when they declared they were doing beauty differently.

Avon has been challenging the industry in the Philippines for 44 years and over 135 years, and is on a long-term sustainability journey. The worldwide beauty firm is using cruelty-free technologies to perfect every formula, switching to recyclable packaging, and pushing for community welfare by prioritizing the environment.

Breville Philippines Upgrades Espresso Machine Collection with the new Barista Touch®

What makes a good coffee experience?   

For caffeine addicts, waiting in line at a cafe and having a professional customize their beverages has a certain air of romance. I mean, is there anything else that can make you feel special other than knowing that the person making your morning coffee is an expert in their field?  

Prepare for the Ultimate Playground at SM Southmall’s Outdoor Overdrive

Summer has arrived in the South for good! Outdoor Overdrive, SM Southmall's first-ever ultimate outdoor playground, invites you to take a spin. Southies may enjoy karting, roller skating, weaving through an obstacle course, and more from April 30 to July 31!

(Ride n’ Dash at Outdoor Overdrive)

There are tons of activities the whole crew can do at the outdoor playground to supercharge your summer experience.

Puerto Princesa: Paradise Regained

 Puerto Princesa: Paradise Regained

The Royal Treatment at Puerto Princesa

With safety protocols firmly enforced, Puerto Princesa is poised to again welcome tourists with open arms. In recent years, the highly urbanized city and tourist haven has been paralyzed by the Covid-19 pandemic, then pummeled by Typhoon Odette. But it is now on the road to recovery---as spectacularly as its scenic, romantic and gastronomic attractions.

Philippine Elections 2022 : Vote According to Our Values

 Rex Education and PPCRV call for voters to discern well, vote according to our values and be Maka-Pilipinas

With the national elections approaching, Rex Education and the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) are collaborating to help voters understand the ideals we should be searching for in the politicians we elect.

“How the Philippines will come out of this pandemic and handle the impending global economic recession will rely on the next 6 years. This is why it is crucial that the leaders we will elect in the upcoming May 9 elections share the heart of the Filipino people and possess the values to stand for and serve our country. We have to choose well and vote for someone who is truly Maka-Pilipinas,” said Rex Education CEO, Don Timothy Buhain.

Five Easy Tricks to Get Legendary Lashes

When it comes to lashes, you don’t have to compromise.

Manila, Philippines - The eyes are the soul's windows. While a dramatic eye shadow will undoubtedly attract the attention of onlookers, lashes with noticeable length and volume will have them coming back for more!
Mimiyuuuh wearing Avon Legendary Lengths Mascara
Mimiyuuuh wearing Avon Legendary Lengths Mascara

So, if you're wondering how to amp up your allure for the next date night, keep everyone's attention during presentations, or simply draw attention to your eyes while wearing a face mask – here are foolproof ways to create lashes that stand out in terms of both length and volume, without the use of falsies.

Visita Iglesia and Easter Activity at The Manila Hotel

 In celebration of Lent and Easter, the Manila Hotel revives pre-pandemic rituals. The landmark hotel gives city folk and those who choose to stay in Metro Manila options for the coming week, with a variety of activities for its staycation, dining, and walk-in guests, as well as those staying at home.

Expect eSports to Click Further in the Philippines

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, 2021 was a boom year for the Philippines in terms of participation in various electronic sports (Esports) tournaments, either locally or globally, with Pinoy players dominating the majority of these competitions.

Business Leaders at Grand Hyatt Hotel for the Launch of Rising Tigers Magazine with National Bookstores' Top Honcho


Leaders Featured at the Grand Hyatt Hotel for the Premiere of Rising Tigers Magazine, which was hosted by National Bookstores' top honcho

March 22, 2022–The much-anticipated launch of Rising Tigers Magazine is a success, as evidenced by the attendance of the leaders featured in the first issue of the lifestyle and business source of information and awareness of what's new not just in the Philippines, but throughout Asia.

Ghie Pangilinan : AAP's Woman of the Year in Health & Wellness

Ms. Ghie Pangilinan, a young serial entrepreneur who is in her own skincare business for more than 7 years already, bagged the Woman of the Year Award in the field of Health & Wellness. She was co-founder and COO of Skin Magical and Founder of Speaks G along with her husband, Jerry Pangilinan. She empowers Filipino women by providing livelihood and high-quality skin care and beauty products for all. Unstoppable, she is also known now in the Food and Franchise Business. She was the one who brought the famous international milk tea brand “Tea Talk” in the Philippines and establishing more new companies to serve the need of the Filipino people. 

Where to Find the Best Homes for Sale in Ohio


While the "best" home may be defined differently from one individual to the next, one of the most important factors is location. You can always make changes to the house itself, but you can't change where it's located.

That said, before looking for the property that meets your needs and at least some of your wants, you'll want to pinpoint the top spots to find it. Any of these locations are a good start at finding your version of the best home for sale in Ohio. 

#SupportLocalMSME’s: SM Southmall’s StartUp Market Opens


SM Southmall

SM’s Start-Up Market has opened its first leg in the South at the 2nd Level of SM Southmall. The mall welcomes eight (8) new and exciting local MSME’s, namely: Acrewoods Floral & Aroma, Adelina Home, Blue Vitriol Disinfectant, Cookie Dude, Enoch Leatherware, Sevetenna Scents, The Bamboo Company, and Zanjois.

Valentine's Day Gift Idea : Salmon HQ's Heart Cake

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Valentine's Day 2022 is fast approaching and why not give yourself and your loved ones something that's actually good for the heart and yummy on the tummy, too? 

Valentine's Day Gift Idea 2022: Salmon HQ's Heart Cake
Heart Cake ( 6 inches )
 Price: Php 1,200

I was very lucky to try Salmon HQ's Heart Cake. Of course, the first one I would notice is their packaging. It's packed in a premium orange box with the store's signature. The cake inside is wrapped with plastic to seal its freshness. 

President & CEO of PT&T, James Velasquez, Listed in the Top 50 Rising Tigers, Nation Builders in Asia Pacific

 Rising Tigers: Nation Builders, a new business publication to be launch on March 22, 2022,  at the Grand Hyatt Manila at the BGC in Taguig will feature the Top 50 Rising Tigers of the Asia Pacific. They are the best and the brightest individuals in the Philippines and Southeast Asia who never fail to balance commitment to growth with corporate social responsibility, even during the most trying times.

PT&T President James Velasquez: One of the Top 50 “Rising Tigers: Nation Builders” in the Asia Pacific

Mr. James Velasquez, President & CEO of PT&T— a telecommunications services provider in the Philippines catering to corporate, small/medium business, and residential segments across the country, will be honored during the launch of business and lifestyle magazine Rising Tigers: Nation Builders as one of its Top 50 Rising Tigers in the Asia Pacific.

J&T Express at Asia Leaders Awards 2022 and Rising Tigers Nation Builders Magazine


Logistics company, J&T Express, makes it big in the PH market in just 4 years’ time after its official launch in 2018, a remarkable achievement for the record. 

For this exceptional accomplishment, Asia Leaders Awards has cited PH Global Jet Express, the company behind J&T Express—Southeast Asia’s leading e-commerce delivery company and logistics provider, to be one of their honorees for 2022.

Asia Leaders Awards 2022 Gets Support From Makati Tourism Foundation Inc.


Asia Leaders Awards has continuously proven the prestige and recognition behind every award it gives out to deserving businesses and individuals. The secret of its integrity is the distinguish line up of the Awards Committee ever since it started years back.  They are all accomplished and respected individuals on their own fields of service expertise.

Qualities of a Mother According to Their Zodiac Signs

While the debate on who is the champion Zodiac sign is something that has no end, it is definitely a good thought exercise for people who want to know how exactly they would fare as a person. This time, we’re taking a closer look at the qualities specifically for mothers depending on their Zodiac signs. Without further adieu, let's check them out. 

Merle Balicao of MerNels is One of the Top 50 Rising Tigers in the Asia Pacific


MerNels has long been part of every celebration in every household in Los Banos Laguna. For decades, it has captivated the taste buds of consumers and has become the small town’s favorite cakes and pastries source. This is all because of the untiring and industrious woman behind the brand, Ms. Merle Mendoza Balicao.

5 Best Places to Hike in Whistler

Is it Safe to Go Hiking During the Pandemic?

Before we tackle the best places for hiking, let's tackle the very basic question : is hiking still safe during the pandemic? 

Grace Bondad Nicolas Spearheads Asia Leaders Awards’ Top 50 “Rising Tigers: Nation Builders”

 Consultant to the Billionaires Board Member and Tag Media Group CEO Grace Bondad Nicolas Spearheads Asia Leaders Awards’ Top 50 “Rising Tigers: Nation Builders”

Asia Leaders Awards Board Member Engineer Grace Bondad Nicolas—the woman behind successful shows, marketing adviser to billionaires, and serial entrepreneur—spearheads the launch of business and lifestyle magazine “Rising Tigers: Nation Builders” to recognize the Top 50 Rising Tigers in the Asia Pacific.

ALA 2022 Awards Committee Welcomes Singapore Ambassador to the Philippines Gerard Ho

Ambassador of Singapore Gerard Ho (right) with awardees from left to right; RS Francisco and Sam Verzosa of Frontrow Enterprise and Sheila Romero, Chairman of Air Asia Philippines during the ALA 2021 inside The Embassy of Singapore

The Honorable Singapore Ambassador to the Philippines Gerard Ho Wei Hong sits on the Awards Committee of the Asia Leaders Awards (ALA) —the Philippines and Southeast Asia’s biggest business recognition event. 

This year’s Asia Leaders Awards (ALA) Awarding Ceremony will be held on November 22, 2022.

10 Tips to Induce Self-Love

Me looking up

It's the new year and we're still in a pandemic. Do you still feel positive or are you like me who is starting to feel a bit low? I have to admit when I lost my job, I felt scared to welcome the new year. I believe it's a normal reaction to anyone especially if you have a family, but I thought to myself I can still look for another job and just appreciate what I have now which is having a healthy family.