Valentine's Day Gift Idea : Salmon HQ's Heart Cake

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Valentine's Day 2022 is fast approaching and why not give yourself and your loved ones something that's actually good for the heart and yummy on the tummy, too? 

Valentine's Day Gift Idea 2022: Salmon HQ's Heart Cake
Heart Cake ( 6 inches )
 Price: Php 1,200

I was very lucky to try Salmon HQ's Heart Cake. Of course, the first one I would notice is their packaging. It's packed in a premium orange box with the store's signature. The cake inside is wrapped with plastic to seal its freshness. 

At first I was quite skeptical to try out this unique and unconventional heart cake. I am not used to eating raw Salmon, too, but at my age I thought to myself why not try something different this year. Plus, I don't plan on buying actual cakes because I need to watch my sugar levels so this is an excellent alternative. 

What's Inside The Heart Cake? 

At first, I thought the Heart Cake was all raw Salmon, but I was wrong. It turns out there's a nice surprise inside! It actually has layers of Premium Kanikama (Crab sticks) mixed with Ebiko (shrimp flakes), Premium Spicy Salmon, Chuka Wakame (seaweed) mixed with Japanese Sushi Rice! 

Valentine's Day Gift Idea: Salmon HQ's Heart Cake
A slice of Salmon HQ's Heart Cake

The Salmon is obviously raw, but I definitely tasted the rich and fresh Salmon-y taste. All other ingredients blended well with the Salmon and their combination is quite divine. It's surprisingly a refreshing treat. Since there is already rice inside, it can pass as a meal in its own. We were able to eat it at around 5:30 PM and since I was so full, it already served as my early dinner. 

Salmon Sashimi Health Benefits

Valentine's Day Gift Idea: Salmon HQ's Heart Cake
Just me with the Heart Cake 

Did you know that Salmon Sashimi has its health benefits? Here's a summary of what it has to offer :

  • Salmon Sashimi Is Packed With Protein
  • It’s A High Source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • Raw Salmon Is Packed with Vitamin B
  • Salmon Sashimi Is Loaded with Potassium
  • Salmon Sashimi Is A Good Source of Selenium
  • It helps With Weight Management

Baked Sushi Platters

Aside from the Heart Cake, I was also graced with Salmon HQ's other delightful platters. Here are some pictures I took : 

Each platter has 2 different flavors already. Yes, some of the toppings are raw (as seen in the pictures above), but you can actually eat them raw and they're actually quite tasty and , again, fresh! I'm not sure the names of these platters, but you can definitely see them in Salmon HQ's Facebook page.  

Sushi bake slice
A slice of the sushi bake

So there you have it. Our family simply loved their Salmon Heart Cake and their sushi bake platters. Yes, they're a bit pricey, but definitely worth it especially if you have a special occasion to celebrate. Since they used only the finest and freshest ingredients, the price is definitely worth it. It will definitely make the occasion extra special and memorable.  

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